Yes we do. For more than 20 years, RLS Global has worked with oral care specialists, pioneering new therapies for oral care patients. We have now taken another major step toward easier and more effective wound care. We will continue to work with healthcare professionals to develop treatment that helps deliver the best care for each patient. The method is clinically proven and saves the patient a great deal of suffering. Our focus is on caring for patients, developing safe and efficient products that offer gentle treatment methods. We are proud to provide minimally invasive therapy, improving quality of life for patients worldwide.

GENTLE METHODS - The Solution for You and Your Patients!

Oral Care

Oral Care products are the foundation of the RLS Global product portfolio. CariSolv and PeriSolv are composed of buffered hypochlorite-based solutions that enable minimally invasive oral care. RLS Global has experience for more than 20 years of research and product development within Buffered Hypochlorite based Technology, which means that these products have a range of unique benefits. They do not affect healthy tissue, they only soften the necrotic tissue and make this easy to remove, primarily with the aid of hand tools. Over the past 20 years, extensive investments have been made in the common technologyplatform. Since CariSolv was launched in 1997, more than 160 clinical studies have been published about the platform. The products have several patents, the longest of which expires in 2034.

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Wound Care

Based on our experience from removing de-vitalized tissue for caries removal we are now developing a new innovative solution for hard to heal wounds in need of debridement. Hard to heal wounds that are difficult to heal is a serious and costly complication of underlying diseases such as diabetes, venous insufficiency or injuries to the skin such as pressure ulcers. Patients suffering from these wounds often experience pain, bad smell, decreased mobility and other problems which seriously affecting the quality of life.
Our overall goal is to provide a gentle and effective debridement method that result in improved wound care for healthcare professionals reducing the suffering for patients and the overall cost for the society in treating complicated wounds.

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CariSolv® - Less Experience of Pain Compared to Conventional Method

CariSolv is a unique method for removing caries effectively while leaving healthy dental tissue intact. CariSolv enables a minimal invasive treatment that selectively softens necrotic tissue in affected dentine and preserves healthy tissue.

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PeriSolv® - Gentle method for treating periodontal diseases

PeriSolv is a dental debridement gel that facilitates removal of necrotic tissue and biofilm. Elimination of the biofilm is key for the treatment success of Periodontititis, Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitits.

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Product DevelopmentChloraSolv® - Gentle Method for treating hard to heal wounds

ChloraSolv has been designed to meet the needs to facilitate removal of necrotic tissue and biofilm preserving healthy, viable tissue during debridement. We are now in the final phase of the development of ChloraSolv.

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CEO Message

I am pleased and proud to welcome you to the new RLS Global Website. At RLS Global, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. We welcome our existing, as well as new customers and partners. This website is the source of knowledge and experience supporting our clinical fields, Oral- and Wound care.

Our mission is to develop products and procedures that help healthcare professionals to achieve improved treatment outcomes. Due to gentle and minimal invasive methods we touch and improve the Quality of Life for patients worldwide.

The values we share are…

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