Newsletter No. 2, April 11, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

The CE approval process has finally come to an end and ChloraSolv is ready for commercialization in Europe. A new chapter starts for RLS Global. We are ready, excited and very motivated to start meeting customers and patients.

As we know, hard to heal wounds that are difficult to heal is a serious and costly complication of underlying diseases such as diabetes, venous insufficiency or injuries to the skin such as pressure ulcers. Patients suffering from these wounds often experience pain, bad smell, decreased mobility and other problems which seriously affecting the quality of life. The importance for all of us is that for the patients whom are suffering of diabetic foot ulcers have now the possibility to be treated by ChloraSolv.

In our future newsletters, I will share experience and updates from the various activities we are planning to drive to secure a successful commercialization of ChloraSolv.

Two weeks ago, the International Dental Show, IDS, took place. It was an amazing experience for RLS Global to attend for the first time via our Partner Straumann. You can read more about the event below. Please also take your time to learn more about Straumann’s general practitioner portfolio via the links. Enjoy your reading!

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

How to establish a successful Go to Market Strategy 

For the last eight months, RLS Global has been preparing for the launch of ChloraSolv. Key success factors to secure a sustainable and successful launch are: continuity and consistency in close cooperation with future partners, developing the clinical data further, establishing proof of concept in a few countries and securing presence on the market.

RLS Global will not approach numerous European countries at this early stage. It is important to achieve success on a few markets first and use the experience and learnings for future growth. Going forward, the company’s business model is to establish partnership with global and regional Partners. Important is that future Partners have extensive experience within Wound Care Management and a product portfolio that fits well with ChloraSolv. However, most important of all, they need to have the infrastructure in place to secure strong presence on the market. At RLS Global we have a solid network which will be very important in this early stage of the launch.

An important task in entering new markets is to secure reimbursement. As ChloraSolv is a unique product within debridement, this will give an opportunity to establish a long-term solid reimbursement platform. Even though ChloraSolv has no reimbursement today, the healthcare environment can get access to ChloraSolv. However, long-term reimbursement is crucial to secure the establishment of the use of ChloraSolv as a Standard Treatment within Wound Care.

As has been communicated in the past, the EWMA Conference is an important milestone for the launch of ChloraSolv. This year EWMA is taking place in Gothenburg. The organization is expecting close to 3,000 visitors from all over the world (mainly Europe). RLS Global will organize Advisory Board meetings, attend innovation symposia and share the message about ChloraSolv in our booth.

The world congress of Wound Care Management is SAWC, known for its high scientific level, will take place early May in Texas. RLS Global will be present there and use this great opportunity to explore the possibilities for our future market penetration.

International Dental Show

The International Dental Show, IDS, in Cologne is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental sector. This event showcases products which represent innovations, product developments, services etc. In total IDS has 2,300 exhibitors and more than 155,000 visitors during the five days of exhibitions.

The IDS show takes place every 2nd year. In 2019, RLS had the opportunity to share the message and showcase CariSolv via Straumann for the first time.

Straumann had the largest stand area of all the 2,300 exhibitors, in total close to 1,500 m2, with the overall message “Arena of Confidence”. The number of visitors, meetings and interactions at the stand was by far over expectations. Every hour, different scientific presentations took place, attracting a lot of attention from the visitors. The presentations were broadcast to more than 7,000 people via YouTube and social media. Via the link below you can get an understanding of the power of Straumann during IDS.

It was also the first time Straumann presented the new concept “Next Generation Dentistry” to the broader international audience. One separate section of the stand was dedicated to the new portfolio. The concept was given a lot of attention by dental professionals from all over the world.

RLS Global was of course very proud to share and communicate the message about CariSolv at this big event. One broadcast during the days was about the Next Generation Dentistry and four companies were invited to share the message about minimally invasive treatment. RLS Global was one of those companies. Via the link below you can access the presentation that was broadcast worldwide.

It takes time to build a new concept and establish a trustful message on the market. It is impressive how Straumann moves on with the portfolio in a structured manner and builds up the trust among their current and future customers. Given the global marketing attention Straumann established at IDS, they are now taking the next step on this exciting journey.

To attend IDS was also a good opportunity for RLS Global to meet with current and potential new partners. Due to the increased communication about minimally invasive treatment, the acknowledgement of CariSolv is slowly increasing. You always leave days like these with a lot of new ideas and inspiration how to move the business forward.