Newsletter No. 4, 2019

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During June 5-7, the EWMA Conference (European Wound Management Association) took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. 3 700 delegates from more than 81 countries visited Gothenburg and EWMA. All with one common interest – how to improve the patient treatment of chronic wounds. The congress was a very important milestone for RLS Global with the launch of ChloraSolv.

Attending EWMA was tremendously inspiring. But it was also connected with a lot of proudness. When the RLS team left Congress at Gothia Tower it was with a strong, happy and successful experience. The number of people whom we shared the story of ChoraSolv, the new connections that was established, and the number of people showing interest in a more efficient debridement treatment, cannot be counted. Now the exciting work task takes on, to evaluate and continue the conversation with several very, interesting leads.

EWMA – a Very Important Milestone for RLS Global

RLS Global decided in early 2019 to attend EWMA with a strong present. Despite that RLS Global is a small company, it was decided to be present with a booth and take the opportunity to expose ChloraSolv. Below you can see pictures of the design of the booth and the team. It was a lot of traffic at the booth during the three days of the Conference. Our communication focused on the benefit and usage of ChloraSolv but also the current and future clinical program. For the team it was good learning to receive questions and feedback on the first generation of ChloraSolv and we also got quite a few tips how the product can be further developed.

EWMA together with RLS also organized a focus group meeting represented by 10 key opinion leaders from seven different European countries. The aim with the focus group meeting was to invite representatives with various background and receive direct feedback on the product it’s claims and benefits. At the meeting both physicians and nurses were present. A lot of very valuable feedback but one very important take away was how to further develop the clinical program for ChloraSolv. The RLS technical platform has a lot of new, interesting, opportunities and sharing ideas with a group of experience people is of course very encouraging.

RLS Global’s Chief Technology Officer, Mats Ahlenius, was attending and presented ChloraSolv at a satellite symposium focusing on new innovations. RLS was one out of five companies speaking at this session. It was interesting to listen to other companies with similar journey as RLS but also to share ChloraSolv with the audience with strong interest of new innovations. We did a lot of pre-marketing about the event and the conference room was filled during the presentation.

Walking around the exhibition and learn about all the companies and their portfolio, it is obvious that the market is seeking for efficient debridement treatments. Of course, ChloraSolv has a few competitors, however, ChloraSolv stand out providing a chemo-mechanical debridement with antimicrobial properties. It is also unique that ChloraSolv is used as a debridement procedure, it is not a gel you keep between the dressing changes. The fact that ChloraSolv is easy to use, a lot of our visitors thought that the product is very appropriate both in primary- and homecare. Most of the patient suffering of chronic wounds are treated in the homecare sector.

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I want to take this opportunity and highlight the company presentation that took place May 28th. We had close to 60 participants attending the webcast. If you missed the presentation, please use the link below and you can take part of the team presentation:

May 29th the Annual Meeting 2019 took place. I want to thank the shareholders attending the meeting. A lot of good questions and input related to RLS Global go to market strategy. I highly appreciate the opportunity to share our success and challenges in this kind of setting.

Finally – I want to wish you all a wonderful summer. See you in August!

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB