Newsletter No. 5, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

With the holidays behind us, the team is back, rested and ready to take on the business during autumn. At RLS we have very exciting and busy months ahead of us which will have good impact on our future business.

As of August 1st, RLS Global has a new team member onboard – Annika Nordström. Annika has the position as Key Account Manager and will drive the commercialization process for the Swedish market. I am thrilled to extend the Swedish team and I know with Annika’s background and long experience within wound management, ChloraSolv will be well taken care off and introduced to our customers. To learn more about Annika and her view of the wound care market in Sweden, please continue to take part of the newsletter below.

I am looking forward to continuing to share our journey and news during the fall. We are also aiming to open our Facebook account during the fall and share on a more regular basis our daily work within RLS Global.

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

Annika Nordström, Key Account Manager

Annika, welcome to RLS Global! Why did you decided to join RLS Global and be part of our journey going forward?

‘I believe it is a unique situation, to be part of such a great team and bring a new technology to the market. As we all know, wound debridement is the mechanical removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue. To improve the healing potential of the remaining tissue plays a very important role in wound management. Today, there is a gap when it comes to efficient debridement. I have a strong believe that ChloraSolv will close part of this gap, says Annika Nordström.’

What kind of properties do you believe are important to secure a successful launch with ChloraSolv?

‘Annika Nordström continues…we must keep in mind, the daily work in the healthcare sector is extremely busy with high pressure on the healthcare professionals. To change a current working procedure takes time and the benefits of the product must have strong evidence.  You can read in the newspaper daily how the healthcare sector is suffering due to lack of resources and money. I believe benefits such as ease of use, cost efficiency and gentle to the patients are extremely important.  But of course, most important of all, safety and good outcome. When I did my due diligence before joining RLS Global I found out that ChloraSolv can meet these expectations. ChloraSolv is a product that can be used both in the healthcare sector and in homecare. It is very easy to use. The clinical outcome impresses me.

Annika, you have spent almost your entire career within wound management. You have more than 10 years of research experience. The last 15 years within the industry. Why wound management?

‘You are right, I have such a passion and dedication to the patients suffering of chronic wounds. It is a big patient group, growing yearly by 8-10% on a global level. Despite increasing focus on research and development there is still a lot to do to improve the quality of life for this patient group. It is important the healthcare sector together with the industry continue to drive the research and development forward. Better and more efficient treatments are a must to change this negative trend. But of course, on a higher level, we need to change our lifestyle and take care of our health to prevent diseases such as obesities and diabetic, says Annika Nordström.’

What will be your strongest and most important contributions to RLS Global and the launch of ChloraSolv?

‘Annika conclude, with more than 25 years of experience within wound management I have a unique network. I have already met several key opinion leaders introducing ChloraSolv. In general terms, there is a need and a great interest for new and efficient debridement products. I am impressed that RLS Global already have several test sites in Sweden. My first task is to secure the outcome of these test sites as well as driving the procurement process forward in our main councils in Sweden. I strongly believe that we will have a few contracts in place by the end of the year. I will also work in close collaboration with the R&D team to secure that the market experiences will be part of the next generation of ChloraSolv. The technical platform is very interesting, and I believe the future is bright. I am very much looking forward to share patient stories and ChloraSolv experiences with all of you.