Newsletter No. 6, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

It was communicated Thursday 12th of September that RLS Global signed a cooperation agreement with OneMed AB. OneMed is the leading distributor in the Nordic region and will act as a distributor for ChloraSolv to the municipalities and country counties whom they have agreements with. This is of course an important first step of the startup phase of the commercialization of ChloraSolv.

OneMed is present in several European markets where the Nordic region is the most prominent. They are supplying medtech products, medical equipment and providing services support system to the healthcare sector. RLS have a great opportunity together with OneMed to build up a structured training program with the aim to providing an efficient debridement method to the patients – ChloraSolv.

Below is a short summary describing the aim and processes to secure access of products into the tender based healthcare system. These processes apply to all suppliers introducing new products and innovations to the market. 

I hope the summary below will provide some general understanding about the obligations and purposes with regulated reimbursement processes.

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

The purchase structure for the European countries are designed and governed under the law of Public Procurement Act. For any supplier, it is key to get into the public procurement lists, in order to have their products accessible for use.

The aim with public procurement is to secure the tax money are used cost efficiently, the purchase structure is covers measures taken in order to procure supplies, services or works through contract award. But most important of all, secure the health care system is offering the best products and procedures to the patients.

The RLS team has moved very rapidly in Sweden. Clinical tests are initiated in several of the country councils. The aim with the tests is to educate and give the clinical staff experience of the new product or procedure. The clinical tests coordinated in the individual country councils are together with the clinical documentation the proof and argumentation for long-term reimbursement.

As been communicated in the past, ChloraSolv will open a new category within debridement, chemical mechanical debridement, which makes the product unique. It is not competing with any other products in the tender agreements today. We will focus on adding ChloraSolv on the tenders that are ongoing.  In parallel, a few country councils will announce the public tenders for advanced wound care during the fall which gives RLS the opportunity to participate in the bid.

OneMed is an important supplier to several of the country councils and homecare districts in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic. The partnership with OneMed will give RLS access to many important stakeholders as well as decision making bodies for new products and innovations. RLS will as well establish training and educational program with OneMed with the aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of efficient debridement method. A common goal is to treat more patients in a much more efficient way.

To learn more about OneMed please use the link below: