Newsletter No. 7, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

I am very happy and proud that RLS Global announced September 25th the raising proceeds of SEK 50 million. It is an important contribution to the acceleration of the ChloraSolv strategy to establish a more sustainable growth at the market.

The reason to use preferential rights to further fund RLS was to diversify the shareholder base among institutional investors and at the same time take advantage of the opportunity to raise capital in a time- and cost-efficient manner. It is important to establish a strong base among institutional investors to secure long-term sustainability. The Directed New Share Issue was among a number of Swedish and international institutional investors. The book will be public in about 10 days.

The financial raise will be used to further invest in the Wound Care business segment. To build a sustainable business takes time and require resources. Our aim is to establish a long-term global partnership. In the meantime, the request is to further develop the product portfolio within Wound Care.

The net proceeds of the Issue intend to be used to the following focus areas:

1) Further develop and support the clinical program based on the company’s unique technical platform. The ChloraSolv 01 trial is ongoing and will be complied during Q1 2020. We are aiming to initiate new trails during 2020 to further develop the data supporting ChloraSolv. It will also be important to compile health economic data to support countries reimbursement systems.

2) Prepare the FDA submission. The US is a big and attractive market. However, it takes time and resources to get market access. RLS will initiate the process during the fall 2019.

3) Product portfolio development within Wound Care

4) Secure market penetration in selected international markets. Europe is the focus for 2020-2021. Important, strong market penetration in a few countries are more successful compared to limit market acceptance in several countries. Therefore, RLS will select a few strategic countries in Europe. In parallel we have initiated the registration process in a few selected regions.

5) Intellectual properties. We will continue to work on our patent strategy.

It is also very exciting that the Swedish leading Financial Newspaper, Dagens Industri, DI, reached out for an interview to further share the message about RLS and ChloraSolv. Please take part of the interview via the link below:

Last but not least, I want to send a thank you to our current as well as our new shareholders. RLS has a very exciting journey going forward and we will continue sharing news about our business development.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB