Newsletter No. 8, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

Market penetration is one of the key activities at RLS Global and our close collaboration with several of the Key Opinion Leaders are crucial. The partnership with OneMed is of course also very essential in order to accelerate the market penetration as rapidly as possible.

Our focus lies on Sweden at the moment and together with decision making bodies RLS have several clinical tests ongoing. The reference teams in the different country councils do evaluate and secure the clinical needs before any products or procedures are added to current or future contracts. The aim with the test is to educate and give the clinical staff experience of the new product or procedure. The outcome of the tests is coordinated in the individual country councils together with the clinical documentation and is the proof and argumentation for long-term reimbursement.

It is exciting to work in such close cooperation with experts within the clinical field. RLS makes learnings and receive very valid feedback which will be a part of our future development of ChloraSolv. Most exciting of all is when we receive all the positive feedback from many hospitals and clinics in Sweden.

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

RLS has communicated the Go to Market Strategy for ChloraSolv. We strongly believe our home market is very essential and important. Why? Strong footprint on the home market is important for external stakeholders such as partners and clinicians. Also, Sweden is a well-developed country with strong reputation in the wound management environment. Moving on to new countries, the feedback from Sweden is important.

The total value of the Swedish market (Advanced Wound care market) is estimated to approximately 390 MSEK. The debridement market is close to 50 MSEK. However, since not all patients are treated with relevant debridement procedure the numbers are probably much higher. It is important to share the knowledge and research in regards of the importance of efficient debridement and the impact on wound healing.

In parallel, RLS is reviewing different options for the Nordic region as well as a few other markets in Europe. It is important to conduct a sustainable due diligence on the individua markets to ensure successful market entrance.

An important stakeholder for RLS is of course the societies driving the interest for the patients. RLS really appreciate that Stockholm Society of Diabetic acknowledge the fact that a new product has been CE approved for Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Stay tune… more to come RLS the next couple of months.