Newsletter No. 2, 2020

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

March is approaching fast and a lot of activities has been put into motion. One of the focus areas of RLS Global is the long-term strategy of ChloraSolv to establish partnership on a regional and global level. During the fall, RLS has been very focused on the Swedish market. As of new year, the first initiatives have been taken in Denmark and Norway.

At the same time, RLS will initiate pre-clinical activities with the aim of broadening the product portfolio in areas such as burns and clinical indications outside Advance Wound Care during 2020. The R&D activities are based on the RLS Global’s Unique Buffered Hypochlorite Technology.

Effective as of May 25th, 2020, MDR (Medical Device Regulation) compliance is another important and necessary step for RLS. Decision was taken by the RLS board during 2019 to sell of the dental portfolio. To secure MDR compliance for PeriSolv and CariSolv would have required investments and resources in terms of more clinical data and improved documentation. Though with ChloraSolv we are very well prepared, and the process is in good condition to meet the new regulations.

With RLS focus on Advance Wound Care, I am very pleased that REGEDENT AG has decided to acquire PeriSolv and make the investments needed to secure the product is MDR compliance (announced on February 23rd). PeriSolv is an important component to the CLEAN & SEAL concept. To learn more about REGEDENT and the CLEAN & SEAL concept, please read below.

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

REGEDENT is a company based in Switzerland with almost 10 years of experience within the dental business. REGEDENT develops, manufactures and markets innovative solutions in regenerative and implant dentistry for optimized treatment and long-term patient care. The mission of REGEDENT is to supply professionals with smart regeneration products and solutions.

REGEDENT has developed the concept CLEAN & SEAL. It was developed based on scientific data, provides guidance and support for treatment and control of peri-implant mucositis. PeriSolv is an important component in the concept of CLEAN & SEAL. PeriSolv softening the extracellular matrix of the biofilm and enhancing bacterial removal by mechanical debridement.

Peri-implant disease is divided into two subgroups. Peri-implant mucositis, which is characterized by soft tissue inflammation without bone loss and peri-implantitis which is characterized by progressive loss of the supporting bone.  If mucositis is left untreated, it can progress into peri-implatitis, in worst case it can generated loss of the effected implant.

This problem is relatively new to the clinicians and dissatisfying for patients. It is of great importance to treat peri-implant mucositis, with infection control and extensive debridement being crucial for positive outcome.

More than 25% of the entire population undergoes a treatment of periodontal disease. A very small number represent surgical treatment. The periodontal market was valued to US$ 500 Mn in 2017. PeriSolv represents the chemical part in a chemo mechanical treatment of periodontal diseases.

To learn more about CLEAN & SEAL please use the link below: