Newsletter No. 3, 2020

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

These days are challenging for everyone, facing the situation all over the globe by the Covid-19 having an impact on all businesses. So far, at RLS we have good access to our customers, test centers and clinical trial sites. We continue to drive our projects and activities moving forward.

Last Thursday, March 12th RLS organized an educational meeting about ChloraSolv. More than 30 healthcare professionals from the Västra Götaland region participated. The focus of the meeting was to introduce the Debridement Method of ChloraSolv, present patient cases and together with the participants share the experience and learn from each other.

Many more of these meetings will be organized in several regions in Sweden during 2020. It is a good set-up to meet healthcare professionals (HCP’s) with long experience and good knowledge within Wound Management and to share experiences is the best way to increase awareness and interest among HCP’s.

It has been mentioned before, RLS receives such great feedback from all the test centers in Sweden. The need of efficient debridement and to get control of bacteria is key to achieve fast healing. Ease of use is also very important. We are expecting positive feedback from several of the country councils in the near future which will give RLS the opportunity to accelerate our footprint more rapidly.

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The number of activities in Denmark has increased a lot the first quarter this year. Our new Danish colleague has established a footprint in all four regions. It is the same procedure in Demark as in Sweden, the clinicians are keen to test to get clinical experience of a new technology. ChloraSolv has been presented to the major KOL’s in

Denmark in order to initiate clinical testing. One of the main centers in Demark is Bispebjerg Hospital located in the Capital Region. The hospital is a teaching hospital for medical students and has the country’s largest wound care center. A lot of research and development is coming from Bispebjerg and there is a great interest of new

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB