Newsletter No. 4, 2020

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

“Business as usual” is hard to claim these days. All businesses and all companies including RLS Global are impacted of the current Covid-19 situation. The industry, as well has the healthcare sector, are in a transition process how to organize meetings and share information using new communication channels and tools such as WebEx, Webinars, telecon etc.

Spring 2020 was supposed to be a very busy time for RLS, attending several congresses, symposia, and meetings. These are important events reaching a broader audience to share the latest update about ChloraSolv. Due to the circumstances, most of the events are postponed to the fall. Individual meetings at the hospital or in the primary care are forbidden. Today we “meet” and educate through the new way of communicating with each other as mentioned above, WebEx and Webinars. It takes time to change behavior, but interaction between the industry and healthcare sector is still very important.

Region Kalmar signed a contract with RLS early March and as previously communicated, RLS is expecting several of these positive awards during Q2 & Q3. Due to the current situation, a few Regions postponed the tender process a few months, however we are confident that ChloraSolv will be awarded in several of the Regions during the year.

All companies are reviewing and re-allocating resources and activities these days. At RLS we increase our focus on R&D activities. We continue to drive new country registrations as well as reimbursement activities. Most important of all, we continue to interact with healthcare professionals who take care of “our patients”.

Despite the challenging situation, we will continue to work closely with current and future customers, and we will continue our activities and drive our agenda’s forward. The patients with chronical wounds still need our care!

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

Redeye published external analysis of RLS Global Redeye initiates coverage of RLS Global. The document is prepared for information purpose for general distribution and it is not intended to be advisory. The forward-looking information in the analysis is based on subjective assessments about the future, which constitutes a factor of uncertainty. Redeye is focused on technology and life science sector. They provide service within Corporate Broking, Corporate Finance, equity research and investor relations. Redeye’s is RLS’s Certified Advisory. The document is communicated via Redeye’s communication channel and the hit-rate is expected to be close to 2 million individual interest. The information contained in the analysis is based on sources deemed reliable by Redeye. The analysis is intended to be one of several tools that can be used in making an investment decision. In the executive summary Redeye highlights one of the unique benefits of RLS: “We think that RLS has a unique asset in its proprietary buffered hypochlorite platform, through which we believe that many interesting wound care products can be developed over the years to come. We believe that many investors are unaware of this and believe that it constitutes a hidden potential”. You can find the report via Redeye homepage and communication channels.