Newsletter No. 7, 2020

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

Back in business… it has been really encouraging to get a few weeks off, time to reflect on a very unusual spring but also taking the time to get some perspective of all the activities we have accomplished during this strange period of time.  We can look to an exciting fall and winter with confidence, full of energy and motivation.

As of this week, we will start up with ChloraSolv® in Region Stockholm. Worthwhile to mention is that this is the largest Agreement which has taken place in Sweden within Wound care. ChloraSolv is now available to all healthcare providers in the region – Inpatient- and Outpatient Care, Primary Care and Private Care Providers. RLS has a new team member in place who has long experience within Wound Care, who will take the lead and drive the market penetration in the region.

It is the same procedure as in any other region, meeting with Wound Care experts at each institute, introducing the Unique Hypochlorite Technology by RLS Global which ChloraSolv consist of. Drive the process to provide the Healthcare Professionals the experiences of the ChloraSolv and to support continuously. During the fall RLS aims to attend several local meetings and exhibitions to introduce the Unique Hypochlorite Technology by RLS Global. Let’s cross our fingers that the events still will take place.  Due to our clinical trial, ChloraSolv01 and local test of ChloraSolv, the region already had some experience of ChloraSolv. This is of course very good when you enter a “new” market.

Another Region which is really encouraging to follow is Region Kalmar and the development going on there. Several of the clinicians are trained and have experience of ChloraSolv and we are seeing for the first time in the history of RLS Global, recurrent revenue for ChloraSolv and overall, the feedback is very good from the region. RLS will, during fall organize Educational Webinars to reach out to as many as possible. These Webinars will be live and will be announced on our Website in time for you to register. The Webinars will be recorded and will be available on the RLS website after the session.

In parallel, RLS are in close contact with several of the regions in the country. There is a strong confidence in RLS and that ChloraSolv will be accepted in a few more regions during 2020. A new Clinical test has also been initiated to a few smaller regions who are interested in the technology.

Due to the pandemic, most of the countries in Europe has been locked down. However, as of September there is light in the tunnel and RLS is expecting to re-initiate several of the activities in the pipeline.

R&D is always an area of high priority at R&D. Together with the University of Lund pre-clinical activities are initiated focusing on biofilm. It is a very “hot” topic within the global Wound Care Management community. It is an important key component in our further development of our Unique Technical Platform and ChloraSolv. All pre-clinical activities are extremely exciting and important for RLS Global. It gives us so many new insights about the technology and the product which will generate new future possibilities for RLS. More to come within this topic.

The outcome of ChloraSolv01 is of course a key component to increase the value of ChloraSolv and a key asset to broaden the indication for ChloraSolv. The database was closed by end of June and RLS has received the first statistical report and the results are according to the expectations. The study endpoints includes for example the reduction of devitalized tissue (necrotic tissue) and reduction of wound size. The clinical report is aiming to be finalized in September and then next step is to compile the publications. RLS work in close cooperation with the principal investigator, Senior Consultant Associated Professor Jan Apelqvist, through this process. In parallel to the publication in a medical journal, RLS will present part of the results at an international conference during fall 2020.

The fall of 2020 will generate several new opportunities for RLS and ChloraSolv. New milestones will be reached. Stay tuned and continue to follow our exciting journey.

Yours sincerely,

Karin Fischer
CEO RLS Global