Newsletter No. 1, 2021

Interaction within the health care sector is essential

It is exciting to kick off a new year for RLS Global. 2020 was a different year with a lot of challenges but also new opportunities. The life science business is traditional when it comes to establish long term relationships with current and new stakeholders. Interactions are important to share experience and know-how. Congresses, symposiums, trainings at the clinics, exhibitions – the real life meetings are very essential to the business.

2020 was the year when all these meeting points closed down. Skype, Teams and Zoom became the new arena to meet, and educational webinars were developed and shared through different communication channels. Interaction within the health care sector is essential to drive knowledge, innovation and the science forward.

RLS will continue to drive the market penetration of ChloraSolv in 2021. Several projects are initiated to achieve reimbursement in strategic prioritized markets in Europe. The objective is to involve key opinion leaders to evaluate the technology and collect local data which will support the pricing strategy. RLS is working with experienced consultants in these countries whom have the right network in place. Long term reimbursement is key to secure a sustainable business. Also, the projects that are established in the UK and Denmark will continue as soon as the clinics open up again.

RLS conducts an advisory board meeting early February, which is a joint cooperation with EWMA (European Wound Management Association). Clinicians from five different countries will attend (Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark). Key opinion leaders from Sweden with experience of ChloraSolv will attend the meeting and share know-how and experience. The objective is to seek advice on the prerequisites for a successful market introduction, clinical issues to consider including advice on additional clincial data.

RLS is actively working with new biofilm models to further evaluate effects on biofilm with our unique technology. According to the literature – all chronic wounds are affected by biofilm. Biofilm is one of the main reasons the wound ends up as chronic and has a negative impact on the wound healing process.

I want to take the opportunity to share another excellent patient case treated with ChloraSolv. The duration of the wound was more than six months. The patient was treated with ChloraSolv during six weeks with this amazing result!

Focus areas for 2021 is, as earlier communicated, to establish a regional/global partnership for ChloraSolv. It is also the year when initiatives are taken for new indications based on RLS technical platform. RLS will take several steps forward for the US market and it is the year when the industry will meet customers and patients in real life again.

2021 – bring it on!


Karin Fischer
CEO RLS Global