Invitation: RLS Global AB provides livestream strategy update focusing on the global collaboration with ConvaTec Ltd

RLS long term vision is to be a leading research driven platform company in wound care. The ambition is to expand into new indications through new research and development projects in areas such as burns and dermatology. In order to maximize our patient reach, RLS intends to work with partners to commercialize its products globally. RLS is confident in the company’s platform technology and its unique features and what this can bring to patients around the world.

Thursday, October 14th at 09:00 am CET, RLS will present a strategy update focusing on the company’s platform, the recently established global collaboration with ConvaTec Ltd and new research project within the company. The presentation is followed by a question-and-answer session led by Redeye’s analyst Erik Nordström.

RLS CEO, Karin Fischer, will lead the presentation together with Susanne Olausson, CTO, and Magnus Nolmark, COO. Additional participant is also Roland Frösing, MD, PhD and board member.

The presentation will be held in English.

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Karin Fischer, CEO
Telephone: +46 702 48 46 51

Eva Jagenheim, CFO
Telephone: +46 730 23 13 57