Business Model

The business model is based on the development of RLS Globals’ own patented products that are sold through partners with global present. RLS Globals’ partners should have extensive experience in wound care. However, most important is that RLS Globals’ partners have a solid infrastructure and network in place to secure a strong market position. Focus is high market penetration in selected markets.


RLS Globals’ long-term strategy is to be a leading research driven platform company in wound care. The ambition is to expand into new indications through new research and development projects in areas such as burns and dermatology. In order to maximize our patient reach, RLS Global intends to work with partners to commercialize its products globally. RLS Global is confident in the company’s platform technology and its unique features and what this can bring to patients around the world.


Our mission is to create value and make a difference in patients’ health and quality of life using gentle methods. We deliver solutions that are safe, easy to use and beneficial for natural wound healing. We provide a future standard-of-care, enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently treat more patients.


Our guiding principle is to improve patients’ health and quality of life.


  • We strive to exceed customers’ and patients’ expectations by consistently deliver in accordance with our commitments.
  • The way we work is enjoyable and rewarding – this gives us the energy to continue.
  • We care for patients, customers, partners and colleagues.
  • Our credibility is built on delivering in accordance with the commitments we make.
  • We aim to be the partner that always creates better value for you.
  • Our focus is on caring for the patients by developing efficient and safe products that offer gentle treatment methods.