Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter NO 5, 2019

Newsletter No. 5, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

With the holidays behind us, the team is back, rested and ready to take on the business during autumn. At RLS we have very exciting and busy months ahead of us which will have good impact on our future business.

As of August 1st, RLS Global has a new team member onboard – Annika Nordström. Annika has the position as Key Account Manager and will drive the commercialization process for the Swedish market. I am thrilled to extend the Swedish team and I know with Annika’s background and long experience within wound management, ChloraSolv will be well taken care off and introduced to our customers. To learn more about Annika and her view of the wound care market in Sweden, please continue to take part of the newsletter below.

I am looking forward to continuing to share our journey and news during the fall. We are also aiming to open our Facebook account during the fall and share on a more regular basis our daily work within RLS Global.

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

Annika Nordström, Key Account Manager

Annika, welcome to RLS Global! Why did you decided to join RLS Global and be part of our journey going forward?

‘I believe it is a unique situation, to be part of such a great team and bring a new technology to the market. As we all know, wound debridement is the mechanical removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue. To improve the healing potential of the remaining tissue plays a very important role in wound management. Today, there is a gap when it comes to efficient debridement. I have a strong believe that ChloraSolv will close part of this gap, says Annika Nordström.’

What kind of properties do you believe are important to secure a successful launch with ChloraSolv?

‘Annika Nordström continues…we must keep in mind, the daily work in the healthcare sector is extremely busy with high pressure on the healthcare professionals. To change a current working procedure takes time and the benefits of the product must have strong evidence.  You can read in the newspaper daily how the healthcare sector is suffering due to lack of resources and money. I believe benefits such as ease of use, cost efficiency and gentle to the patients are extremely important.  But of course, most important of all, safety and good outcome. When I did my due diligence before joining RLS Global I found out that ChloraSolv can meet these expectations. ChloraSolv is a product that can be used both in the healthcare sector and in homecare. It is very easy to use. The clinical outcome impresses me.

Annika, you have spent almost your entire career within wound management. You have more than 10 years of research experience. The last 15 years within the industry. Why wound management?

‘You are right, I have such a passion and dedication to the patients suffering of chronic wounds. It is a big patient group, growing yearly by 8-10% on a global level. Despite increasing focus on research and development there is still a lot to do to improve the quality of life for this patient group. It is important the healthcare sector together with the industry continue to drive the research and development forward. Better and more efficient treatments are a must to change this negative trend. But of course, on a higher level, we need to change our lifestyle and take care of our health to prevent diseases such as obesities and diabetic, says Annika Nordström.’

What will be your strongest and most important contributions to RLS Global and the launch of ChloraSolv?

‘Annika conclude, with more than 25 years of experience within wound management I have a unique network. I have already met several key opinion leaders introducing ChloraSolv. In general terms, there is a need and a great interest for new and efficient debridement products. I am impressed that RLS Global already have several test sites in Sweden. My first task is to secure the outcome of these test sites as well as driving the procurement process forward in our main councils in Sweden. I strongly believe that we will have a few contracts in place by the end of the year. I will also work in close collaboration with the R&D team to secure that the market experiences will be part of the next generation of ChloraSolv. The technical platform is very interesting, and I believe the future is bright. I am very much looking forward to share patient stories and ChloraSolv experiences with all of you.

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter No 4, 2019

Newsletter No. 4, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

During June 5-7, the EWMA Conference (European Wound Management Association) took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. 3 700 delegates from more than 81 countries visited Gothenburg and EWMA. All with one common interest – how to improve the patient treatment of chronic wounds. The congress was a very important milestone for RLS Global with the launch of ChloraSolv.

Attending EWMA was tremendously inspiring. But it was also connected with a lot of proudness. When the RLS team left Congress at Gothia Tower it was with a strong, happy and successful experience. The number of people whom we shared the story of ChoraSolv, the new connections that was established, and the number of people showing interest in a more efficient debridement treatment, cannot be counted. Now the exciting work task takes on, to evaluate and continue the conversation with several very, interesting leads.

EWMA – a Very Important Milestone for RLS Global

RLS Global decided in early 2019 to attend EWMA with a strong present. Despite that RLS Global is a small company, it was decided to be present with a booth and take the opportunity to expose ChloraSolv. Below you can see pictures of the design of the booth and the team. It was a lot of traffic at the booth during the three days of the Conference. Our communication focused on the benefit and usage of ChloraSolv but also the current and future clinical program. For the team it was good learning to receive questions and feedback on the first generation of ChloraSolv and we also got quite a few tips how the product can be further developed.

EWMA together with RLS also organized a focus group meeting represented by 10 key opinion leaders from seven different European countries. The aim with the focus group meeting was to invite representatives with various background and receive direct feedback on the product it’s claims and benefits. At the meeting both physicians and nurses were present. A lot of very valuable feedback but one very important take away was how to further develop the clinical program for ChloraSolv. The RLS technical platform has a lot of new, interesting, opportunities and sharing ideas with a group of experience people is of course very encouraging.

RLS Global’s Chief Technology Officer, Mats Ahlenius, was attending and presented ChloraSolv at a satellite symposium focusing on new innovations. RLS was one out of five companies speaking at this session. It was interesting to listen to other companies with similar journey as RLS but also to share ChloraSolv with the audience with strong interest of new innovations. We did a lot of pre-marketing about the event and the conference room was filled during the presentation.

Walking around the exhibition and learn about all the companies and their portfolio, it is obvious that the market is seeking for efficient debridement treatments. Of course, ChloraSolv has a few competitors, however, ChloraSolv stand out providing a chemo-mechanical debridement with antimicrobial properties. It is also unique that ChloraSolv is used as a debridement procedure, it is not a gel you keep between the dressing changes. The fact that ChloraSolv is easy to use, a lot of our visitors thought that the product is very appropriate both in primary- and homecare. Most of the patient suffering of chronic wounds are treated in the homecare sector.

If you want to learn more about EWMA – please visit www.ewma.org

I want to take this opportunity and highlight the company presentation that took place May 28th. We had close to 60 participants attending the webcast. If you missed the presentation, please use the link below and you can take part of the team presentation: www.rls.global

May 29th the Annual Meeting 2019 took place. I want to thank the shareholders attending the meeting. A lot of good questions and input related to RLS Global go to market strategy. I highly appreciate the opportunity to share our success and challenges in this kind of setting.

Finally – I want to wish you all a wonderful summer. See you in August!

Best regards

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter No 3, 2019

Newsletter No. 3, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

At the beginning of May, RLS participated in the Symposium of Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) which took place in San Antonio, Texas, May 7th-11th. The meeting serves as a forum to connect the entire wound care team; physicians, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, scientists, podiatrists and dietitians. The aim and purpose are to share the latest news within research and development which will improve patient outcomes through education.

Attending meetings such as SAWC is tremendously inspiring, to learn about the future research trends, new product innovations and finally – the great networking opportunity. Below you can read about a few “hot topics” discussed during SAWC.

Trends and Learnings from SAWC

I had the pleasure to attend several of presentations talking about the importance of good debridement to secure efficient wound healing. It is all about how to manage biofilms to stimulate the healing process. Biofilms are the collective name of one or more types of microorganisms that can grow on many different surfaces and cause infection. According to the research, this is one of the most important aspects for an efficient wound care. Biofilms can have a significant negative impact on wound healing by contributing to bacterial infection and inflammation and hence cause a delay of the wound healing process. And managing biofilms is exactly what ChloraSolv is all about!

ChloraSolv is a unique gentle method for easy wound debridement. It facilitates gentle removal of devitalized/necrotic tissue which can include biofilm. It is very encouraging to listen to the researchers and review the latest data that really supports ChloraSolv’s mode of action.

Another hot topic during the meeting was the future development of Biomarkers within the diagnosis and personalized treatment of chronic wounds. The science is moving rapidly, and in the future, biomarkers can be used to optimize treatment of chronic wounds. Biomarkers play a vital role in the development of new inventive therapies. The more understanding and information the clinicians can get about the wound and its conditions, the better treatment can be offered. This will drive the awareness of the importance of efficient debridement to optimize the wound healing.

Attending SAWC is also an excellent opportunity to further build a clinical- and business network relevant for RLS Global. The interest for RLS and our debridement product is definitely much stronger now when ChloraSolv is CE approved. A lot of interesting discussions took place in regards of our journey going forward. As we know, several of the global players have a gap in the portfolio when it comes to efficient debridement products.

The European Wound Management Association (EWMA) annual conference takes place in Gothenburg in about three weeks’ time. The conference will bring 2500 delegates. The objectives of EWMA is to support implementation of interdisciplinary and cost-effective wound care of high quality. On top of that, this year RLS Global will officially launch ChloraSolv during the conference!

Attending meetings such as SAWC and EWMA are tremendously inspiring, to learn about the future research trends, new product innovations and of course the great networking.

Last but not least – Dental 24 accepted a debate article written by RLS last week. It is about the importance to learn and implement the philosophy about Minimal Invasive Treatment. You can reach the article via the link below:


I want to take the opportunity to welcome our shareholders to the annual meeting taking place the 29th of May. You will find the invite via the link below:


Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter No 2, 2019

Newsletter No. 2, April 11, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

The CE approval process has finally come to an end and ChloraSolv is ready for commercialization in Europe. A new chapter starts for RLS Global. We are ready, excited and very motivated to start meeting customers and patients.

As we know, hard to heal wounds that are difficult to heal is a serious and costly complication of underlying diseases such as diabetes, venous insufficiency or injuries to the skin such as pressure ulcers. Patients suffering from these wounds often experience pain, bad smell, decreased mobility and other problems which seriously affecting the quality of life. The importance for all of us is that for the patients whom are suffering of diabetic foot ulcers have now the possibility to be treated by ChloraSolv.

In our future newsletters, I will share experience and updates from the various activities we are planning to drive to secure a successful commercialization of ChloraSolv.

Two weeks ago, the International Dental Show, IDS, took place. It was an amazing experience for RLS Global to attend for the first time via our Partner Straumann. You can read more about the event below. Please also take your time to learn more about Straumann’s general practitioner portfolio via the links. Enjoy your reading!

Karin Fischer, CEO
RLS Global AB

How to establish a successful Go to Market Strategy 

For the last eight months, RLS Global has been preparing for the launch of ChloraSolv. Key success factors to secure a sustainable and successful launch are: continuity and consistency in close cooperation with future partners, developing the clinical data further, establishing proof of concept in a few countries and securing presence on the market.

RLS Global will not approach numerous European countries at this early stage. It is important to achieve success on a few markets first and use the experience and learnings for future growth. Going forward, the company’s business model is to establish partnership with global and regional Partners. Important is that future Partners have extensive experience within Wound Care Management and a product portfolio that fits well with ChloraSolv. However, most important of all, they need to have the infrastructure in place to secure strong presence on the market. At RLS Global we have a solid network which will be very important in this early stage of the launch.

An important task in entering new markets is to secure reimbursement. As ChloraSolv is a unique product within debridement, this will give an opportunity to establish a long-term solid reimbursement platform. Even though ChloraSolv has no reimbursement today, the healthcare environment can get access to ChloraSolv. However, long-term reimbursement is crucial to secure the establishment of the use of ChloraSolv as a Standard Treatment within Wound Care.

As has been communicated in the past, the EWMA Conference is an important milestone for the launch of ChloraSolv. This year EWMA is taking place in Gothenburg. The organization is expecting close to 3,000 visitors from all over the world (mainly Europe). RLS Global will organize Advisory Board meetings, attend innovation symposia and share the message about ChloraSolv in our booth.

The world congress of Wound Care Management is SAWC, known for its high scientific level, will take place early May in Texas. RLS Global will be present there and use this great opportunity to explore the possibilities for our future market penetration.

International Dental Show

The International Dental Show, IDS, in Cologne is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental sector. This event showcases products which represent innovations, product developments, services etc. In total IDS has 2,300 exhibitors and more than 155,000 visitors during the five days of exhibitions.

The IDS show takes place every 2nd year. In 2019, RLS had the opportunity to share the message and showcase CariSolv via Straumann for the first time.

Straumann had the largest stand area of all the 2,300 exhibitors, in total close to 1,500 m2, with the overall message “Arena of Confidence”. The number of visitors, meetings and interactions at the stand was by far over expectations. Every hour, different scientific presentations took place, attracting a lot of attention from the visitors. The presentations were broadcast to more than 7,000 people via YouTube and social media. Via the link below you can get an understanding of the power of Straumann during IDS.

It was also the first time Straumann presented the new concept “Next Generation Dentistry” to the broader international audience. One separate section of the stand was dedicated to the new portfolio. The concept was given a lot of attention by dental professionals from all over the world.

RLS Global was of course very proud to share and communicate the message about CariSolv at this big event. One broadcast during the days was about the Next Generation Dentistry and four companies were invited to share the message about minimally invasive treatment. RLS Global was one of those companies. Via the link below you can access the presentation that was broadcast worldwide.

It takes time to build a new concept and establish a trustful message on the market. It is impressive how Straumann moves on with the portfolio in a structured manner and builds up the trust among their current and future customers. Given the global marketing attention Straumann established at IDS, they are now taking the next step on this exciting journey.

To attend IDS was also a good opportunity for RLS Global to meet with current and potential new partners. Due to the increased communication about minimally invasive treatment, the acknowledgement of CariSolv is slowly increasing. You always leave days like these with a lot of new ideas and inspiration how to move the business forward.

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter No 1, 2019

February 8, 2019

Welcome to RLS Global Newsletter

Issue 1, 2019

It is very exciting to kick off a new year for RLS Global. 2019 is the year when we will launch our new product, ChloraSolv, within advanced wound care. It is also the year when we accelerate our partnership with Straumann and open new markets for CariSolv. It is the year when we will improve our “external focus” and establish many new partnerships, which will have a significant importance in the future development of RLS Global.

I do hope you all have had the possibility to navigate and learn more about our new website, www.rls.global. As a team we are very proud that we now can reach out with our message and services to the global environment. The long-term goal is that our website is the platform to learn and understand about our two clinical fields, oral- and wound care.

Our aim is to continue to provide newsletter on regular basis. In parallel we will publish notifications on our LinkedIn profile, RLS Global. In August we will open our Facebook account which will improve our communication with the patient and the families. Enjoy the reading!

Karin Fischer, CEO RLS Global

The status of CE Approval for ChloraSolv

The question these days are of course, when is ChloraSolv finally CE approved and ready for commercialization? 

To register and get a medical device product approved is a regulatory, complex, process. The aim with the regulation is to secure safety and efficient products to the market. ChloraSolv is a unique patented product within debridement which will help many patients with chronical wounds in the future.

As been communicated, RLS submitted the technical file to the notified body, Llodys, in the beginning of 2018. Given the challenging European situation with the implementation of the new Medical Device Regulation, MDR, as well as a potential of a hard Brexit, the process has taken much more time than expected. At this point we are slightly more than one month late according to the outlined plan communicated in May 2018 (target date end of December 2018).

Despite the challenging situation, RLS has close communication and dialogue with Lloyds. At this point RLS is very busy keeping up with the tight deadlines and complex situation Lloyds are facing at this point.

In parallel, the team is working intensively to prepare the go to market strategy for ChloraSolv. One big event RLS will attend is the European Wound Management Association Meeting (EWMA) in Gothenburg in June 2019. EWMA is a non-for-profit umbrella organization, linking national wound management organizations, individuals and groups with interest in wound care.

Central to EWMA’s objectives is to support implementation of interdisciplinary and cost-effective wound care of high quality. EWMA works to reach its objectives by being an educational resource, organizing conferences, contributing to international projects related to wound management, actively supporting the implementation of existing knowledge within wound management and providing information on all aspects of wound management.

This year EWMA is organized in Gothenburg, June the 5th – 7th. This is the event when RLS will promote and share the story and come across with the message about ChloraSolv to the broader European audience. At the event more than 4,500 participants are attending from more than 80 countries. It is in important milestone for the team.

RLS will attend in different meetings and symposiums during the exhibition. These days are a great opportunity to meet potential customers and distributors. But most important of all, take part of scientific presentations and meetings focusing on the importance to drive the science forward, says Karin Fischer. Three intensive days to meet colleges from the same area of interest is very important and much appreciated.

Welcome to RLS Global newsletter, No 3 2018

December 21, 2018

Welcome to RLS Global’s newsletter

Issue 3, 2018

The run-up to Christmas and New Year is always a time for reflection and tying up loose ends. 2018 has included a sharp focus on ensuring that ChloraSolv is granted CE approval. We announced in our Q3 report that RLS has responded to the questions from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and that the process is running to plan. However, this is now in the hands of the MHRA, making it hard to tell when the final decision will be made.

At the time of writing, we are working hard to draw up a future launch plan for ChloraSolv. Our enthusiastic team is looking forward to presenting our unique product to the European market in 2019. It is incredibly satisfying to know that we will soon have an effective debridement method on the market that can help a large group of patients who experience enormous suffering on a daily basis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2019 will be an exciting year, in which we embark on our commercialization journey for ChloraSolv. Alongside this, we will continue to commercialize our dental portfolio together with our international partners Straumann and REGEDENT.

Karin Fischer, CEO RLS Global

Effective wound debridement is important in order to encourage good healing

Today, the definition of wound debridement is firmly established. It is the mechanical removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue in order to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. Effective, gentle wound debridement is essential for successful healing.

However, the actual debridement process can be carried out in a number of different ways. One of the challenges when estimating the market for wound debridement is that there are several different products with different properties and action mechanisms. There is a real need for effective new methods in order to offer gentle yet effective debridement and cleaning of wounds that do not heal easily.

ChloraSolv is a unique gel intended for debriding and cleaning wounds, and one of its components is antimicrobial sodium hypochlorite. ChloraSolv aims to facilitate the removal of necrotic tissue and biofilm while preserving healthy tissue, thus assisting natural wound healing. The devitalized necrotic tissue is easy to remove using a blunt instrument, offering an alternative to more aggressive methods such as surgical debridement. The product is ideal for use by care staff working in primary care and home care, where most wound dressing is carried out.

Since we have many patients with chronic wounds, there is great potential within the debridement market in many countries around the world. In 2017, the global market value was USD 745 million. Industry experts believe that this figure will be closer to USD 910 million by 2022. This assumption is based on annual growth in the number of diabetes patients of around 4%.

Around 60% of diabetic foot ulcers and 50% of venous leg ulcers are chronic wounds that do not heal. These wounds require some form of debridement to assist healing. Science shows that it is important to deal with biofilms and to create an antibacterial environment in order to provide the best possible conditions for the wound and its healing.

Source: Wound Debridement Products, BioMedGPS – SmartTRAK (2018)

Based on the results from RLS Global’s first study (the Dolores study, 2016), which showed improved results in the control group for diabetic ulcers, RLS has now initiated a new clinical study that includes around 60 patients. The aim is to demonstrate and document ChloraSolv’s effect early in the wound healing phase where debridement is extremely important for a positive effect on healing.


Did you know…

… around 400 million people worldwide have diabetes, and almost 200 million people have diabetes without knowing about it. (Source: Prevention and management of foot problems in diabetes, 2017)

… according to the Swedish Diabetes Association, around 500,000 Swedes have diabetes. (Source: The Swedish Diabetes Association, 2018)

… the USA and Mexico top the list of countries with the most diabetes patients. It is estimated that around two percent of the USA’s population suffers from chronic wounds linked to diabetes. (Source: Prevention and management of foot problems in diabetes, 2017)

… a lower leg amputation is carried out on a diabetes patient somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. (Source: IWGDF, International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot, 2015)


Last but not least, keep an eye out for the launch of RLS Global’s new website in January 2019. As we are attracting more and more international interest, the website will be launched in English. We aim to establish an interesting communication platform for our products within the individual indication areas aimed at all our target groups.


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year


RLS Global

Välkommen till RLS Global nyhetsbrev, Nr 2 2018


Välkommen till RLS Global nyhetsbrev

Nr 2 2018

Det finns ett ordspråk som säger; tiden går fort när man har roligt. Precis så känns det just nu. Nästan overkligt att vi är i slutet av oktober och jag har redan avverkat snart ett kvartal hos RLS Global. Varje dag i vår verksamhet är det intensivt jobb att driva och leverera på företagets mål. Som jag nämnt vid många tillfällen tidigare, det är ett oerhört kompetent och engagerat gäng som sitter på Neongatan 5 som arbetar hårt för att ta företaget till nya nivåer.

Nedan finner du RLS Global andra nyhetsbrev. I detta nyhetsbrev fokuserar vi på RLS Globala dentalaffär. Detta då den årliga Odontologiska riksstämman 2018 går av stapeln i Göteborg 14-16 november. Jag ser fram emot att träffa många av våra Svenska stakeholders under ett par intensiva dagar på Mässan i Gothia Tower.
Karin Fischer, VD RLS Global

Caries Consensus Collaboration (ICCC)

I februari 2015 träffades 21 professorer med forskarbakgrund för att utveckla ett consensusdokument vilket beskriver och ger rekommendationer hur karies bör behandlas för att bevara en långsiktig, god tandhälsa.

Resultatet från mötet publicerades i maj 2016. The International Caries Consensus Collaboration (ICCC) presenterade då rekommendationer på hur borttagning av karies samt hur en tandfyllning bör ske.

De senaste 10-15 åren har synen på hål i tänderna förändrats radikalt. För sju år sedan gick Socialstyrelsen ut och tog fram nationella riktlinjer som just slog fast att tandvården ska prioritera vävnadsbevarande ingrepp.

Att förändra ett väl inarbetat arbetssätt tar ofta många år. Flera av de rekommendationer som ovan consensusdokumentet presenterar ligger i linje med vad Carisolv kan erbjuda:

  • bevara frisk och remineraliserbar vävnad
  • uppnå en stark förslutning i samband med lagningar/fyllningar
  • långsiktigt skydda pulpan

Alla dessa åtgärder siktar på att behålla egen tandvävnad och få mindre sekundärskador från det initiala kariesangreppet.

Det är så klart mycket viktigt att börja sprida kunskapen och innehållet i detta consensusdokument. När nu Straumann börjar marknadsföra Carisolv är detta en viktig rapport att referera till. Det handlar mycket om att förändra en arbetsprocess och se nya möjligheter med att avlägsna karies på ett mjukt sätt i stället för att ta fram borren. Man talar om minimalinvasiv tandvård.

För mer information om denna rapport: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27099358

Odontologiska Riksstämman 2018

I höst, den 14–16 november går den årliga Odontologiska riksstämman av stapeln. I år är mötet förlagt till Göteborg. Det verkliga mötet öga mot öga är så viktigt att prioritera för att säkerställa att innovationer och kompetenser förmedlas, diskuteras och utbyts inom yrkeskåren. Då mässan arrangerades senast i Göteborg 2015, kom närmar 14 500 besökare från dentalbranschen och industrin.

–      RLS kommer medverka i flera olika former under mässan. Dessa dagar är ett ypperligt tillfälle att få träffa våra kunder och distributörer men framför allt ta del av hur forskningen går framåt inom flera olika områden, säger Karin Fischer. Möjligheten att träffa och umgås med branschkollegor under ett och samma tak är oerhört viktigt och uppskattat.

I år kommer det bland annat diskuteras och fokuseras på digitalisering – är detta framtiden för tandvården? Riksstämman tar därför ett helhetsgrepp på digitaliseringen, från metoder och material till människor och maskiner.

… visste du att tidiga tecken på tandläkarkonst ses på skallar från 5000–7000 f.Kr. Det visar nästan perfekta hål som är borrade med primitiva borrar1

…visste du att karies är vår vanligaste folksjukdom. På global nivå har ca 2,3 miljarder människor (32% av vår population) karies i deras permanenta tänder2

…visste du att det har uppskattats att 90% av skolbarnen i världen har karies i deras permanenta tänder3

…kan du 2+2+2+2 regeln4

  • borsta tänderna 2 ggr/dag
  • borsta 2 minuter varje gång
  • använd 2 cm fluortandkräm
  • ät och drick inte 2 timmar efter att du rengjort dina tänder

Rengör dessutom mellan tänderna en gång per dag för att göra riktigt rent i munnen5.


1. Dig uncovers ancient roots of dentistry: Tooth drilling goes back 9,000 years in Pakistan, scientists say, hosted on the MSNBC website. Page accessed on January 10, 2007. (Engelska)

2. GBD 2015 Disease and Injury Incidence and Prevalence, Collaborators. (8 October 2016)

3. The World Oral Health Report 2003: Continuous improvement of oral health in the 21st century – the approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme, released by the World Health Organization. (File in pdf format.) Page accessed on August 15, 2006. (Engelska)

4. https://www.folktandvardenstockholm.se/fakta-rad/skotsel/tandborstning/

5. https://www.folktandvardenstockholm.se/fakta-rad/skotsel/tandtrad-tandstickor-mellanrumsborstar/

Välkommen till RLS nyhetsbrev, Nr 1 2018


Välkommen till RLS nyhetsbrev

Nr 1 2018

RLS kommer framöver intensifiera kommunikationen med aktieägare och samarbetspartners. En del i denna strategi är det nyhetsbrev som du just nu läser. Vår ambition är att regelbundet informera om nyheter från bolaget och även hur vår bransch utvecklas i stort. Så välkommen att läsa mer och ta del av bolagets spännande utveckling med fokus på en teknologiplattform för svårläkta sår och vävnadsbevarade dentalprodukter.
Karin Fischer, VD RLS Global

RLS inleder forskningssamarbete med RISE

Under hösten påbörjas ett utvecklings- och forskningsprojekt tillsammans med RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). Projektet har fått finansiell stöttning från Västra Götalands regionen.
– Syftet med samarbetet är att via forskning ta fram nya in vitro-modeller* för sårvård. Detta är ett viktigt steg i vårt utvecklingsarbete. Fokus kommer ligga på hur avlägsnande av nekrotisk vävnad och bakteriell biofilm förbättrar läkningen av sår, förklarar Mats Ahlenius, teknisk chef för RLS.
Projektet kommer pågå under ett års tid för att studera upplösning av nekrotisk (död) vävnad samt hur bolagets produkter med antibakteriella effekter påverkar biofilm.
– Detta är ett utmärkt komplement till traditionella kliniska studier. In vitro-modeller kommer ge oss förståelse och dokumentation av hur vår teknologiplattform kan utvecklas framöver. Det ger oss möjlighet att göra jämförelser med konkurrerande produkter inom sårvård. Vi ser fram mot att dela resultaten med marknaden och kunder, säger Mats Ahlenius.
RISE är ett oberoende statligt forskningsinstitut med uppgift att stärka näringslivet, akademin och offentlig sektor. Så här säger Yalda Bogestål, forskare och projektledare på RISE om det gemensamma forskningsprojektet:
– Vi ser fram emot samarbetet med RLS Global. Tillsammans kommer vi ta fram vetenskapligt förankrade modeller som ger ökad förståelse för hur bolagets unika plattform kan utvecklas vidare.

* In vitro innebär att forskning bedrivs utanför människokroppen i laboratoriemiljö med hjälp av bland annat studier i provrör.

Straumann lanserar Carisolv på tre marknader i Europa

Det pågår ett tätt samarbete och dialog med det världsledande dentalbolaget Straumann. Den 1 oktober lanseras Carisolv på tre marknader i Europa (Tyskland, England och Italien) vilket vi kommunicerade i pressreleasen från 8 juni 2018.
– Det är svårt att inte bli imponerad av de resurser som Straumann förfogar över. Bolaget har en mycket professionell säljkår och vi har stora förhoppningar på att Carisolv får den uppmärksamhet som produkten förtjänar, säger Karin Fischer.

Summering av första halvåret

Nyheten om samarbetet med Straumann var en viktig del av halvårsrapporten, publicerad 31 augusti 2018. Värt att lyfta fram var också att vår samarbetspartner REGEDENTS medverkade under Europerio9 och att Karin Fischer rekryterades som ny VD. Likaså att RLS under sommaren fick sitt sårvårdspatent godkänt för den kinesiska marknaden.
Ladda ner: Delårsrapport januari – juni 2018

Visste du att…

… på global nivå ökade antalet vuxna med diabetes från 150 miljoner 1980 till 425 miljoner 2017. Allt talar för att den negativa trenden fortsätter de närmaste 10–20 åren.

… dödligheten i komplikationer av diabetiska fotsår är högre än den för vanliga cancersorter.

… enbart i Europa behandlas årligen 3,8 miljoner fotsår relaterat till diabetes. Det uppskattas att mellan 17–34 % av diabetespatienter får ett fotsår under sin livstid.

… i Skandinavien står behandlingen av kroniska sår för 2–4 % av den totala hälsovårdsbudgeten.

Marknadsdata enligt ovan är givetvis viktiga och bra faktorer för vår kommande produkt ChloraSolv.

REGEDENT presenterade Perisolv under EuroPerio9


REGEDENT presenterade Perisolv under EuroPerio9

En av RLS internationella samarbetspartners REGEDENT arrangerade den första vetenskapliga presentationen av Perisolv under EuroPerio9 i Amsterdam.

– Vi är mycket nöjda med vårt deltagande under konferensen. Inte minst för att vi fick en rad nya kontakter och att Perisolv väckte en stor nyfikenhet inom professionen, konstaterade Dr. Herbert Früh, Styrelseordförande för REGEDENT.

Europerio 9 gick av stapeln den 20–23 juni i Amsterdam. Det är en konferens arrangerad av EFP (European Federation of Periodontology) vart tredje år och lockar ungefär 10 000 deltagare. Den anses som den ledande konferensen om parodontologi.

RLS Global representerades av REGEDENT som genom ett samarbete med olika partners var Diamant Sponsor och förfogade över en av de större montrarna på mässan i anslutning till alla de större implantatföretagen.

Den första vetenskapliga presentationen av Perisolv skedde vid ett fullsatt Corporate forum. Professor Sigrun Eick från Universitetet i Bern berättade om hur Perisolv bryter ner biofilm. Professor Andrea Mombelli redogjorde för en stor pågående klinisk studie där en sista uppföljning av patienter sker i augusti. Han beskrev också varför det finns ett behov av denna terapi.  Professor Andrea Pilloni och Professor Vincenzo Iorio – Siciliano berättade också om sina kliniska erfarenheter och där studier ska vara helt klara senare i år.

Från RLS var marknads- och försäljningschefen Magnus Olsson på plats

– Montern var välbesökt och fick stor uppmärksamhet. Speciellt roligt var det att närvara vid ett frukostmöte där nio av Europas ledande parodontologer deltog och delade med sig av sina kunskaper och erfarenhet kring Perisolv. Dessa diskussioner visade att Perisolv har många förespråkare i branschen och att det finns flera spännande fokusområden för vårt unika preparat, kommenterar Magnus Olsson och fortsatte.

– Nu vill vi se att försäljningen av våra dentalprodukter tar fart under det kommande året. Inte minst för Perisolv men även det samarbete vi kommer påbörja under hösten med ett av världens ledande dentalföretag kring Carisolv.

Bildtext: Flera av Europas ledande parodontologer deltog under det frukostmöte REGEDENT arrangerade med fokus på Perisolvs egenskaper.

Nästa steg för Perisolv


Nästa steg för Perisolv

REGEDENT, som distribuerar Perisolv, fortsätter med sin omfattande satsning på produkten. Ett mål på vägen är Europerio 2018 i Amsterdam. Detta är världens största konferens om parodsjukdomar (tandlossning) och REGEDENT deltar med ett Corporate Forum med Perisolv.

Perisolv kommer att presenteras som en betydelsefull unik del i behandlingen av parodontit (inflammation runt tänder) men även för behandlingen av mukosit samt peri-implantit (inflammation runt implantat), något branchen efterfrågar. Grunden för detta Corporate Forum läggs under det kommande året i form av flera studier.

Utbildningsinsatserna kring Perisolv tas innan dess till en ny nivå med en första internationell  kurs i Verona i början av september. Två av europas ledande parodontologer, Prof. Andrea Pilloni samt Prof. Vincenzo Iorio-Siciliano, bägge med positiva erfarenheter av Perisolv, leder kursen. Utbildningen omfattar både teori och praktiskt handhavande runt tand och implantat. Intresset var stort och kursen blev omgående fulltecknad. Flera utbildningstillfällen är under planering.

Erik Penser Bank är Bolagets Certified Adviser på First North

Bildtext: REGEDENTS förberedelser för Europerio 2018 är redan i full gång för att sätta fokus på Persisolvs unika egenskaper inom dentalvården.

För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta:

Kenth Hanssen, VD RLS Global AB, 0732-74 80 42, kenth.hanssen@rlsglobal.se

Magnus Olsson, Sälj- och marknadschef, 0706-83 62 05,  magnus.olsson@rlsglobal.se