Training & Education at Straumann in Basel

On February 7, RLS Global had the privilege to host one day of training and education about Caries and Minimally Invasive Treatment at the Straumann Training Center in Basel.

RLS Global together with Stefan Edgren, D.D.S, Senior Advisor running the training expressed his enthusiasm about the dedicated and skilled Sales Team from Straumann. The hands-on training using CariSolv always creates most interest and engagement. This is the part when the Sales Team learn how to work with CariSolv and the effect it has on removing caries. Caries is the most common disease (together with periodontitis) in the dental practice. Most dentists spend more than half of their clinical time on dealing with the disease and its consequences. Excellent training and understanding about the product and the procedure is key to secure the best support to our customers, the dentist and dental hygienist.
CariSolv, is a unique method for removing caries effectively while leaving healthy dental tissue intact. CariSolv enables a minimal invasive treatment that selectively softens necrotic tissue in affected dentine and preserves healthy tissue.


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