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ChloraSolv is approved for leg ulcers – doubles the potential market size in Europe

RLS Global, whose ambition is to be a leading research-driven platform company for wounds, has received regulatory approval that ChloraSolv can also be used for leg ulcers. This increases the potential market size by 100 percent. ChloraSolv has been approved for diabetic foot ulcers since 2019, where now leg ulcers also are included.

ChloraSolv is a gel with antimicrobial properties that is used in cleansing wounds, so-called debridement. Without damaging the healthy tissue, ChloraSolv softens the dead tissue that prevents the wound from healing. The dead tissue can then be removed more easily and more gently, and the wound healing can start.

The broadened indication, including leg ulcers, implies that ChloraSolv can be used, in Europe alone, for approximately one million more patients. These patients often experience pain and reduced quality of life and need effective debridement to stimulate good wound healing. Furthermore, the costs of treating these patients are very high and ChloraSolv contributes to a more cost-effective care.

“The fact that ChloraSolv, with very good efficacy, now can be used on venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers is very positive, not only for the patients and relatives but also for healthcare and society as this patient group is connected with large healthcare costs”, says Karin Fischer, CEO RLS Global.

“In addition, our latest study – ChloraSolv01 – has generated such valuable data that it will be published in the reputable Journal of Wound Care in June. This is an important milestone in the ongoing process to establish commercial partnership for ChloraSolv.”

In parallel, RLS has also made great progress in preclinical activities based on the technical platform. The fact that bacteria in wounds form biofilm makes it difficult for the wounds to heal and is a great challenge for the healthcare sector. The biofilm will act as a barrier and protect the bacteria from external impact like antimicrobial agents, including antibiotics, and thus prevent the wound from healing. New preclinical results in collaboration with researchers at the University of Lund show in preclinical tests that ChloraSolv kills the bacteria inside the biofilm to 100 percent after two minutes. This can be compared to one of the most used anti-biofilm wound cleansers which needed 15 minutes to reduce the number of bacteria.

RLS notified bodies confirm these results and ChloraSolv’s label is now updated with the anti-biofilm claim.The next step is to use data from the tests to drive the development of the technical platform towards more indications and more clinical applications.



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