WED, JULY 13th, 2022 08:30 CET

ChloraSolv is available in the UK through NHS Supply Chain

As of 11th of July 2022, ChloraSolv is available in the UK to NHS (National Health Service) organizations who purchase from NHS Supply Chain or directly from ConvaTec. ChloraSolv is available to all NHS facilities who have an account at NHS Supply Chain. It is applicable to a range of settings, including hospitals as well as primary and home care settings. ChloraSolv also can be purchased directly from ConvaTec, RLS’ exclusive distribution partner for ChloraSolv in Europe. 

ChloraSolv’s inclusion on the NHS Supply Chain advanced wound care framework is the first step to enabling access to the UK market. In parallel, RLS and ConvaTec are working together to provide broader access to ChloraSolv across the UK, through additional routes to market. 

Karin Fischer, CEO, RLS Global, says: “The UK is a strategic important market for advanced wound care and we are delighted to build on our strategic partnership with ConvaTec to bring this solution to the NHS.”

RLS, together with ConvaTec, have worked to evaluate the technology and collect relevant data to secure approved access to the NHS Supply Chain. Wound debridement supports faster healing of wounds and is a fundamental part of wound management. It reduces the negative impact from hard to heal wounds on patients’ quality of life. It also reduces the healthcare resources needed to support patients.

ChloraSolv is a new innovative option for wound cleansing and debridement/desloughing and reducing microbiological load. It is a unique gel application, intended for use in adult patients with chronic leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers in need of debridement.

ChloraSolv provides a convenient, effective and gentle option for debridement.


ChloraSolv is a debriding gel, based on a unique hypochlorite technology, which is used with very good effect on leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. The gel allows the gentle removal of devitalised tissue and promotes natural wound healing.1 ChloraSolv does not damage healthy tissue and is well tolerated by the patient.

  1. Eliasson B, Fagerdahl AM, Jönsson A, Apelqvist J. An open single arm multicenter pilot investigation to evaluate the debriding effect of amino acid buffered hypochlorite (ChloraSolv®) on chronic wounds covered with devitalized tissue during six weeks treatment. Journal of Wound Care (Accepted for publication).


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