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ChloraSolv recommended for UK CA certification required for UK market after Brexit

RLS Global’s new clinical investigation with ChloraSolv for the treatment of pressure ulcers includes six clinics in Sweden, Finland and the UK. The first patient was enrolled on September 1 at a clinic in the UK. The investigation has been approved by authorities in all three countries.

Pressure ulcers belong to the group of hard-to-heal wounds and cause much suffering and high costs worldwide. Studies show that pressure ulcers affect as many as over 10 (6–27) percent of all hospitalised patients in Europe (ref). Previous investigations have shown that ChloraSolv is effective and safe in the treatment of hard-to-heal leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers in need of debridement. This investigation is being carried out to extend the use of ChloraSolv and thus the opportunity to help even more patients.

Ref: Journal of Wound Care. 2019 Nov 2;28(11):710-719


ChloraSolv is a debriding gel, based on a unique hypochlorite technology, which is used with very good effect on leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. The gel allows the gentle removal of devitalised tissue and promotes natural wound healing.1 ChloraSolv does not damage healthy tissue and is well tolerated by the patient.

  1. Eliasson, B., Fagerdahl, A.M., Jönsson, A., Apelqvist, J. Debriding effect of amino acid-buffered hypochlorite on hard-to-heal wounds covered by devitalized tissue: pilot study. Journal of Wound Care (June 2021) 30(6):455–464.


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