The Innovation

Based on our Unique Buffered Hypochlorite Technology, we develop Products with a gentle approach to save healthy tissues within wound and oral care. Research and development focus on medical technology products. The company will continuously develop new products for indications within the framework of the company’s basic technology – Hypochlorite.

The unique benefits are:

  • Softening damaged or dead tissue, making it easier to remove – a gentle approach to save healthy tissue
  • Working without having an effect on healthy tissue
  • Chemo-Mechanical Debridement with Antimicrobial Properties

The company has over 20 years’ experience of research into Buffered Hypochlorite based Technology and develops products that do not affect healthy tissue, which is uncommon for these types of treatments. The unique Buffered Hypochlorite based Technology is effective for treating caries and for assisting mechanical debridement as part of treating inflammation around teeth and implants.

The products have been used within oral care since the nineties without any documented side effects. A total of over 160 clinical studies have been published about the platform on Pubmed. Based on our experience from removing de-vitalized tissue for caries removal we have developed a new innovative solution for Infected Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers in need of debridement.

Hard to heal wounds that are difficult to heal is a serious and costly complication of underlying diseases such as diabetes, venous insufficiency or injuries to the skin such as pressure ulcers. Patients suffering from these wounds often experience pain, bad smell, decreased mobility and other problems which seriously affecting the quality of life.

Our overall goal is to provide a gentle and effective debridement method that result in improved care for healthcare professionals reducing the suffering for patients and the overall cost for the society in treating complicated wounds.


Chlorasolv is a debridement gel that is used with very good effect on leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers to gently remove devitalized tissue in a quick and easy way to promote natural wound healing.

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