The Unique Buffered Hypochlorite Technical Platform

Our unique hypochlorite technology is the common platform of all RLS Global’s products. Even though the products are tailored to each clinical area, it is the same technology that makes this method of treatment particularly effective.


The benefits with the Unique Hypochlorite technology are:

  • Softening damaged or dead tissue, making it easier to remove – a gentle approach to save healthy tissue
  • Working without having effect on healthy tissue
  • Chemo-Mechanical Debridement with Antimicrobial Properties


Thanks to the unique benefits of the technology, we develop Products with a gentle approach to save healthy tissues within wound care. RLS will initiate pre-clinical activities with the aim of broadening the product portfolio in areas such as burns and clinical indications outside Advance Wound Care during 2020. The R&D activities are based on the RLS Global’s Unique Buffered Hypochlorite Technology.

Our overall goal is to provide a gentle and effective debridement method that result in improved care for healthcare professionals reducing the suffering for patients and the overall cost for the society in treating complicated wounds.